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Gluten Free vs Gluten Zero

For some celiacs, simply going gluten-free may not be enough to entirely eliminate their symptoms.

Most people don't realize that the regulations around gluten-free labelling have a requirement of less than 20 PPM (part per million) of gluten in their products PER SERVING SIZE.

If you're like me, sometimes you might eat more than a single serving size of things like GF pizza, chips or cookies.

This means that I'm consuming more gluten by PPM if I eat more than a single serving size.

Not to mention that products can get the GF labelling using shared equipment that will surely cross-contaminate.

So between the Hidden Sources of Gluten (other than food items), minimum PPM requirements and food products being produced on shared equipment, you can still inadvertently be consuming quite a bit of gluten.

My doctor tried to explain it to me like this...

You can try to be gluten-free or gluten ZERO.

Many people, when they get diagnosed as celiac, think they can simply switch to the packaged products with a GF label on them.

This is a first step that many people take when going to the grocery store and even though this is a good first step to eliminating gluten from your diet, you may not see the dramatic results you were hoping for.

Gluten could still be hiding in those processed convenient 'foods'.

Once you start reading the labels, it's hard to even call it 'food' when you see all of the synthetic ingredients that sound like chemicals... not nutrition.

Yes, being gluten-zero is inconvenient, but once you decide that it sure beats suffering the symptoms of celiac disease from cross-contamination, it gets A LOT easier.

Obviously, this requires eliminating as much of the processed, convenient food as possible and cooking real food that actually provides the nutrition your body needs to heal.

Because that's what it's all about... healing your body and preventing more damage from happening.

So stick to the outer ring at the grocery store.

Your symptoms will get better and your body will thank you.

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