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You know those soft candied ginger pieces that melt in your mouth and settle your tummy? After our l...
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I'm always trying to sneak in more veggies in our meals. This Gluten Free Seasoned Shrimp Bowl with ...
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Easy Chocolate Cream Pie  So I cheated a little on this recipe, as it could be made with m...

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Guidelines & Benefits for Contributing Recipes

Guidelines & Benefits for Contributing Recipes

Our goal is to provide a platform that offers truly celiac-safe recipes.

The recipes submitted will go through a stringent review process to ensure that all ingredients are not only gluten-free but completely celiac-safe.

Contributors are offered a section in their profile settings to provide a Google Adsense code that will be generated onto their contributed recipes.

This offers placement on the top & bottom of your recipe.

This is the only area you're allowed to add your Adsense code or any advertising on your recipe.

As a community, we DO NOT want our website overrun with ads much like other recipe websites.

Recipe contributions that have extra ads (or spammy links) in the post will be rejected.

If you have a recipe blog of your own, you can provide a link to your blog in the recipe (& in the author info block).

Note: You can add your domain as a watermark on your uploaded images.

Incomplete recipes, or recipes that are only an intro and want you to click to another website to see the recipe in full, will be rejected.

Thank you for following these basic rules.

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Dessert Recipes
An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away? If you like apples, you'll love this gluten free maple apple dessert.  I used to make a version with cinnam...
Snack Recipes
You know those soft candied ginger pieces that melt in your mouth and settle your tummy? After our last move to smalltown, USA I just couldn't find an...
Appetizers & Sides
I eat carrots as much as possible. It's a bonus that my family loves them too so I know they'll never go to waste. This Celiac-safe recipe calls for j...

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