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Getting Started with Your Gluten Free Life

Welcome to your newly found Gluten Free life!

I'm sorry you have to be here, because I know that so many of us find out about our Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance after alarming health scares

I am glad to be on this journey together and want you to know you're not alone.

My hope is that you'll find some great Celiac friendly recipes to help you with your new diet change, as well as a community of others who 'get' it.

The only treatment for Celiac Disease is a gluten free diet.

This can be difficult when you're expected to participate in work events, school functions and social gatherings where food is involved. It can be overwhelming, especially at first.

Everyone here understands that feeling.

You may even learn from others some great tips and tricks on navigating life with Celiac Disease - like keeping a couple frozen cupcakes, ready to pull out and send with the kids to school when the entire class is celebrating a birthday.

There's no reason to miss out on anything, it's just an opportunity to get creative.

The best place to start when changing your diet to a gluten free one is to focus on what you CAN eat.

Start here with this list of 100+ Gluten Free Foods that Celiacs can enjoy.

There's sooooooo much!

Sure, there will be time for mourning the foods you can't (or shouldn't) ever eat again, but at first you can think of this as an opportunity to experience new foods, flavors and even some old favorites.

Many of your favorite meals can be adapted to be gluten free and safe for Celiacs.

It's up to you to ensure all the ingredients you use are gluten free and I suggest sticking with the labeled 'Certified Gluten Free' products at first to help keep things simple.

When in doubt, leave it out. There are too many options that are safe for Celiacs rather than risk damage to your health by eating something you know you'll have a reaction to.

Be sure to check out this list of Foods Celiacs Should Avoid.

Thank you for joining me on this gluten free journey. I promise you'll find love in food again, I know I have.

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Dessert Recipes
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Snack Recipes
You know those soft candied ginger pieces that melt in your mouth and settle your tummy? After our last move to smalltown, USA I just couldn't find an...
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