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100+ Gluten Free Foods List for Celiacs

If you've been newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease, you may feel frustrated by all the foods you're told you can't eat.

It's true, in America gluten is almost everywhere, always in your face. This really becomes a problem when you're hungry and bombarded with food ads, coupons and catchy theme songs.

Use this list to help guide you to find and re-discover delicious, gluten free foods that are safe for Celiacs.

Please be careful when purchasing any processed foods, including canned items.

See What Foods do Celiacs Need to Avoid for a more comprehensive list of items you need to be extra careful when purchasing.

This is more of a whole foods list approach, and assumes most of the items you buy are fresh.

1. bananas
2. apples
3. berries (strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries)
4. citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime)
5. avocados
6. pears
7. peaches
8. mushrooms
9. onions
10. olives
11. peppers
12. spinach
13. lettuce
14. celery
15. ginger & turmeric root
16. okra
17. sauerkraut
18. asparagus
19. artichoke
20. brussel sprouts
21. green beans
22. peas
23. broccoli
24. cauliflower
25. spaghetti squash
26. butternut squash
27. pumpkin
28. rhubarb
29. pineapple
30. eggplant
31. cucumbers
32. tomatoes
33. watermelon/cantaloupe
34. mango
35. grape
36. beets
37. dates
38. papaya
39. dragon-fruit
40. pomegranate
41. radishes
42. chickpeas/hummus
43. pinto/black beans
44. lentils
45. carrots
46. parsnips
47. pickles
48. plantains
49. cabbage
50. kale
51. rutabagas
52. winter squash
53. turnip
54. persimmons
55. leeks
56. jalapeno
57. honeydew melon
58. watercress/sprouts
59. starfruit
60. stone fruit
61. kiwi
62. garlic
63. coconut
64. almonds
65. sunflower seeds
66. cashews
67. peanut & other nut butters
68. walnuts
69. pistachio
70. chicken
71. lamb
72. fish/shrimp
73. bison
74. bacon
75. beef
76. pork
77. turkey
78. ham
79. duck
80. liver
81. hot dogs
82. pepperoni
83. sausage
84. salami
86. lunch meat
87. milk
88. butter
89. eggs
90. cheese (avoid blue cheese)
91. cream cheese
92. sour cream
93. yogurt
94. coffee (if you know me you'll know in my house, this is a food)
95. jello
96. pudding
98. corn
99. chips
100. ice cream (check the label for flavor additives)
101. chocolate & certain other candy
102. marshmallows
103. potatoes
104. quinoa
105. white rice
106. brown rice
107. monk fruit
108. believe it or not, bread!

Of course we are talking about gluten free bread, which can take some adjusting to if you're used to the fluffy stuff in the polka dot bag. There are some yummy ones though so try not to be too discouraged when you try one that you don't like.

Enjoy your meal!

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