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You know those soft candied ginger pieces that melt in your mouth and settle your tummy? After our l...
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Changing how you think about food

At first, you might feel like you're not allowed to eat ANYTHING any more.

This isn't entirely true.

You're just not allowed to keep eating that junk you've been calling food any more.

Fast Food? Forgetaboutit. You know it's awful anyway.

Inconvenient? Yep, but most things worth doing are inconvenient.

I try to see this as an opportunity.

An opportunity to eat better & feel better.

An opportunity to eliminate most of the gnarly processed junk, that comes in a box, out of my diet.

Most rational people understand that synthetic ingredients DO NOT provide nutrition.

You will feel better almost immediately and your body will thank you.

For me, it's not just about buying more produce & less boxed food.

Locally sourced food is another great way to get healthier ingredients.

It's extremely worthwhile to shake hands with your local farmer & understand the process.

Visit your local farmer's markets

The food hasn't travelled as far to get there so it's much more fresh than anything you find in the chain store.

AND it doesn't need to go through any irradiation process to keep it 'fresh' either.

You might even be surprised to see how many people in your area are selling or advertising their products online.

You can find people selling fresh eggs and organically grown food on Craigslist even.

That's how I found my egg guy! He even brings us quail eggs & duck eggs! YUM YUM!

Of course, we would like for this site to become a valuable resource for finding such things as well.

As we all know, especially when it comes to our food & personal health, sometimes you really should think out of the box.

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Dessert Recipes
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Snack Recipes
You know those soft candied ginger pieces that melt in your mouth and settle your tummy? After our last move to smalltown, USA I just couldn't find an...
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